3 Great Features of Buying a New Construction

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If you’re thinking about buying a home next spring, you might be weighing the pros and cons of buying a newly-constructed home, or a pre-owned home. While a pre-owned home usually sells for less, a brand-new home presents several benefits that are not common in pre-owned homes. Here are three features you’ll find hard to pass up should you consider purchasing a newly-constructed home.

Having a Say in the Design

In new housing complexes, there are usually model homes that you can view if you’re thinking about moving into a community area. While pre-owned or already-built homes are also sold in new neighborhoods, there are sometimes opportunities for a buyer to choose the colors, materials, and layout of the home before it is even constructed. If you’re buying the home before it has been built, the input you have about the home’s features can really help make the space feel more like your home.

Less Maintenance

While you might stand to save a few thousand dollars if you purchase an older home, think about the possible expenses that could arise over the following year. With an older home, the likelihood of something going wrong and needing repair is greater than the likelihood of this happening in a brand-new house. Should something break or become damaged, the cost of repairing the problem tends to be higher for an older house than repairs to a new home, and it will probably take longer for an issue to arise when all of your utilities are new. Saving a few thousand dollars on the pre-owned home can very easily come back by way of repair costs.

Updated Safety Protocols

Depending on the age of a pre-owned home, there may have been outdated or even dangerous materials used during construction. For example, lead-based paint was at one time very commonly used on household walls, until lead was determined to be a carcinogen. While there are laws concerning the sale of older homes that require homes built before 1978 to have an EPA-approved inspection for the control of lead hazards, it is a good example of why newer homes might be a better move. With new constructions, all current regulations for housing have to be met before a home can be inhabited to ensure the occupant’s safety.

While you are the only person to determine whether a pre-owned home or a new construction is right for you and your family, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of each type of home and consider much more than the price you’re looking at paying in order to make a house a real home.

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