3 Must-Have Home Security Gadgets

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No matter how new and improved your home-security system is, there is always room for improvement. Safety and security are priceless, and it can only be a benefit to move forward with new technological advances that go above and beyond a standard deadbolt and window latch. Here are three new gadgets to supplement your security system and give you that extra protection essential to feeling secure in your home.

Kwikset Kevo 925 KEVO DB 15 Deadbolt

This keyless entry system allows homeowners to lock and unlock their deadbolt locks simply by touching them. The device can work by touch alone or by pairing the locking system to a smartphone and using the phone as a key. With the app, the status of the lock can be checked at any time, just in case somebody forgot to lock the door upon leaving or returning home. E-keys can be given to trusted friends or family in the event of an emergency, without the hassle of having new keys physically made.

Cost: about $200

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WeMo Light Switch by Belkin

Not only does this light switch device help turn a regular home into a SmartHome, it offers support with the need for security. This product can protect your home with the use of light, controlled with either an Apple or Android device. The WeMo can turn lights on and off even when the homeowner is not at home. Coming home late at night won’t be as much of an uncomfortable experience, because with the touch of a screen, driveway or porch lights will come on to illuminate the path inside. Turning lights or electronics (like TVs) on and off whether the owner is home or not can help ward off robberies by leading others to believe that there is significant activity occurring inside, even when there is not.

Cost: about $50

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This device is both a two-way audio feature and a 180-degree video surveillance program. Piper can keep an eye on your home and its goings-on while you aren’t home. If you have pets or senior family members in the home, you have the ability to check in on them while you’re out. The device is also an excellent security measure, and can be used with several devices together to have coverage over your entire home. It allows for more advanced check-ins to be sure that your home is just as secure as it was when you left home.

Cost: about $199

If you’re often looking for ways to make your home feel more secure, one of these three new devices may provide excellent assistance. The security of your home and family is very important and any new way to help offer the safety that they deserve should always be considered.

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