5 Inexpensive Home Hacks for an Upscale Look

 In Home Improvement

If you’re trying to save money for a big purchase this year, but you’d also like to give your home a bit of a revamp, home hacks might be the choice for you. Often, these quick, inexpensive improvements can give your space a fresh, trendy look without breaking the bank or replacing items that you already love. Trends change by the season; most of these hacks are easy enough to change as the seasons come and go.

Textured Paper
If you like the look of dark wood or marble surfaces, but don’t want to spend the time or money replacing sections of your wall, consider using textured paper. There’s an array of textured wallpapers on the market made to mimic the look of wood or marble. Though this might not be an applicable idea for every room of your home, it would work in places which your houseguests are not likely to examine closely. Consider using a textured wallpaper as an accent in your bathroom behind the sink or above the bathtub. Using it along the backsplash between kitchen countertops and cupboards might also work nicely. If your kitchen sees too much traffic to pass textured paper off as real surface, consider creating an accent wall in your pantry or laundry area.

Painting Accents Rather Than Replacing

If you have accents or accessories in your home which are looking less than their best, but still have plenty of life in them, you might want to consider painting verses replacing. Worn wood on an old armchair doesn’t mean that you have to throw it away. Sand it down and repaint it a color you enjoy. Keep in mind that just because the material is wood, does not mean that you have to paint it a wooden color. Try a metallic copper or gold, and if you want a splash of color, try a soft pastel to cut through some of the darker shades in a room.

Second-hand Glassware
Crystal glassware has always been an upper-class piece of décor. Even if you’re not partial to liquor and spirits, mini-bars with glass decanters look elegant in almost any home. These glass containers can get to be expensive, especially if you’re looking for several different serving bottles. Look in second-hand stores or online markets such as eBay to find glassware at a discounted price. If you’re lucky, you can pick up a whole set which hasn’t been used.

Frame Borders

You might want to add dimension to flat walls or cabinets by adding framed borders to the surface. You can pick up cheap photo frames at your local shop, and if you paint the frame to match your chosen surface and attach it properly, it’ll look like you invested in brand new cabinets. The added dimension will give the area a nicer appearance with a small change in detail.

Repurposing Torn Fabrics
If you have a sheet or sweater made from fine material which is no longer useable as originally intended, you might want to repurpose the fabric. Instead of throwing your items in the trash, you can find another use for them. Try using the undamaged parts of the material to create cases for throw pillows; you can use stuffing from a worn-out cushion or quilt for filling. The savings won’t be enough for a new car, but it will give new life to material which would have otherwise been thrown away.

It isn’t necessary to invest your time in a large project, when creating a few simple home hacks can add character and an interesting new spin on the style of your house.

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