5 Tips for A Great New Year’s Eve Party

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If you’re planning to host a New Year’s Eve party in your home, it’s important to show all of your guests a good time, especially if it’s your first party and you’re trying to make a good impression. The best way to start planning for a party is to keep your guest list in mind. Who are you planning on inviting? If it’s a casual group of friends, you’d probably want to host something a little different than you would if you were going to invite your bosses and colleagues. Here are a few general tips to make any party go off without a hitch.

Food Variations
Since New Year’s Eve parties tend to be more of a standing event, you’ll want to plan the food being served accordingly. It’s going to be hard for your guests to stand up and eat a slab of meat and potatoes, so it might be better to arrange a table or buffet of finger foods. Don’t skip past serving food all together, because eating has always been a big part of social gatherings. Just make sure that all the food being served is easy to carry and eat. Have variations available between sweets, vegetables, carbohydrates, and protein.

Drinks and Choices 

Champagne is a popular drink of choice during New Year’s festivities, but if you have a diverse group of guests, there’s a strong chance that someone in attendance isn’t the biggest fan of champagne. Have other drink options available, including something pleasant and non-alcoholic for the guests that don’t want to consume alcohol for one reason for another. Have water available as well, even though it seems like a boring option. It comes in handy for guests who have had enough alcohol.

Themed Games
Your guests are going to spend a lot of their time mingling at your party, if all goes well, but you might want to consider some fun games to throw into the mix. You don’t want something that’s too time-consuming or complicated, but a few games here and there will add to the fun. A Resolution Guessing Game, Trivia Games, or Guess the Number games with a jar of items are little ways to improve the overall party experience. It might also be fun to include some sort of contest for your guests to win. Have a prize or number of prizes available at the end of the party and draw the winner’s name from a hat.

The Count-Down

Part of the reason that people attend New Year’s Eve parties is the countdown. Be sure to make the countdown a central point of your party. You can tune into a TV channel covering the official countdown, or download a countdown application on your phone. At five minutes until the countdown, let your guests know that it’s coming so that they can gather and take part in the traditional Count-Down Kiss with their partners, or take photos with other guests.

Safety First
If you’re hosting a party, taking responsibility for your guests will look good on your part. Drinking is a big part of New Year’s Eve, and if you’d like to ensure the safety of your guests, it’s a good idea to set up ways for them to go home after the party is over. Have a designated driver or several scheduled to drive intoxicated guests home, or call an Uber, Lyft, or taxi for people to take home. If that fails, offer guests a place to sleep it off, so that they can safely go home the following morning. Collecting keys at the door is one method to ensure that nobody drives home drunk.

It can be stressful to plan a party, but if you’re careful and you consider your guest list when you’re going through your options, you should be able to throw a terrific bash to bring in the new year. Have a safe and happy New Year!

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