6 High-Tech Gadgets for Your New Home

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So, you’ve just bought a new house and you’re at that decorating stage, where you want to make the inside of your home as gorgeous as the outside. Maybe your home isn’t new, and you want to upgrade some of the out-of-date appliances and décor. Either way, here are some gadgets to add convenience to your life and create conversation among your guests.

The D-Vine Wine Dispenser

Dubbed the “Keurig of wine,” the D-Vine wine dispenser distributes by-the-glass servings of wine at the recommended temperature and aeration every time. This elegant concept was developed by designer Constance Guisset and the 10-Vins company of Nantes, France. Like a single serve coffee machine, the D-Vine takes single serving vials and reads the chip present on each individual vial to ensure that the wine is served at its best. Entertaining guests with diverse palates will become much easier without ever having to open bottles or worry about wasted wine. The single serving vials include top of the line, hand-picked selections and they’re affordable compared to the price of gourmet glasses of wine at 5-star establishments.

D-Vine Wine Dispenser
Starting at $966


Lightyears ahead of the typical air freshener, Moodo is a smart device that can customize the scent of an area with the touch of a button. The machine casing contains four different scent capsules that can be interchanged with up to 36 different pre-packaged aromas, and the degree of scent used in each capsule can be altered with a smartphone app to create hundreds of thousands of aromatic combinations. There’s even an option to save and share created scents that have become personal favorites.

Moodo Smart Home Fragrance Box
Starting at $149

The ThermoMix Blender

The Thermomix takes efficiency in the kitchen to another level. It’s more than a simple food processor. This single machine will weigh or measure ingredients, mix or grind items, and cook food with only one bowl. It saves money, kitchen space, and cleaning up time while keeping the process quick and easy. It cooks anything from meat to dessert, can cook more than one food item at a time, and the mixer comes apart easily for cleaning. The Thermomix also comes with 300 recipes designed for the machine, for those of us that are not as experienced with “one-pot” cooking.
Thermomix TM5

INADAY InaTrap Electronic Mosquito Trapper

The INADAY Mosquito Trapper takes the usefulness of traditional bug lamps and reshapes it into a sleek product that’s both visually appealing and practically noiseless. The lamp has a clean, modern design and emits a soothing blue light, doubling as a night light. It can be used indoors or outdoors and the battery lasts several hours before it has to be charged. It works by enticing mosquitos with a very small amount of carbon dioxide and uses a fan to trap them in the device’s disposal compartment, which can be emptied by pulling out and dumping the tray. The design is nice enough to blend in with home or patio décor without being an eyesore and it keeps mosquitos away without using foul-smelling repellents.
INADAYS InaTrap Electronic Insect Killer and Elegant Nightlight
Starting at $79.


The Mother device is quite an innovative gadget. Its primary purpose is to collect and monitor data related to many aspects of life. The device hub comes with four “cookies” or monitors that can track and record room temperatures, sleep patterns, exercise, medication dosing, water intake, home arrivals, alarm clocks; the possibilities are numerous. Not only does Mother record information, the device can send reminders and notifications if a scheduled action is not being met (Ex: missing a dose of medication). Additional cookies are available and useable along with the original four.

Mother by Sen.se

Dyson Airblad Tap

Dyson’s Airblade tap will both wash and dry your hands from the same faucet. The spout itself presents a modern design that conceals a 400mph hand dryer that is more energy-efficient to run than a standard wall dryer or paper-towel dispenser. The hand dryer emits only 4 grams of clean air with each use and can completely dry hands in as little as 14 seconds. The HEPA filter captures over 99% of bacteria particles, unlike the traditional hand dryer that actually spreads more germs than paper towels. The Airblade also keeps water off the floor, reducing possible falling risks.

Dyson Airblade Tap

Each of these devices have been highlighted in popular tech sites and magazines. They’ve been tried and reviewed and the general consensus is favorable. If you’re looking for ways to make your own life a little easier, or some new tech to bring your humble abode into the future, one (or more) of these devices may be just what you’re looking for.

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