6 Useful Winter Housewarming Presents

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If a friend or family member has purchased a new home this winter, you might be considering a housewarming present to congratulate them on their accomplishment. There is a sea of different housewarming ideas floating around, and you might be at a loss regarding what to choose. While you want to bring your loved one something this holiday season, you don’t want to bring something that they don’t want or need. Here are a few ideas for useful winter housewarming presents that are actually desirable.

Coffee Machine or Percolator
Thanks to the winter weather coming in, people are drinking more hot drinks than at any other time of the year. For this reason, it might be a good idea to get a coffee machine or percolator as a housewarming present. Many of the coffee machines that make individual k-cup servings offer a range of hot drinks that go beyond coffee. For those that want larger servings of freshly brewed coffee, a quality percolator can do the trick. Both are a good way to keep warm this winter.

Seasonal Spirits
If you’re looking for something that a casual-mixologist would enjoy adding to his or her home bar, consider purchasing a bottle of winter-themed liquor or wine. There are several selections available during the holidays, with attractive packaging that would look good on the shelf of a home bar.

Slow-Burning Scented Candles
A high-quality slow-burning candle with a holiday-themed scent could help a new house feel more like a home. It’s scientifically suggested that pleasant smells help bring about a positive mood, and establish positive feelings related to the place the scents were smelled. A pleasant scent can really speed up the time it takes for new owners to feel safe and secure in their home.

Tupperware Set
Part of the holiday season is enjoying home-cooked food, and what better way to make it last than a set of food-storage containers. Though it may seem like a somewhat thoughtless idea, people tend to use a good deal of containers to store leftover food during big holiday dinners and potlucks. It’s especially useful to purchase high-quality glass storage sets that can be used for both heating and storage.

In a new house, there is quite often new furniture making its debut during the period of housewarming. The owners might find a tasteful set of coasters useful to keep marks and stains from the surfaces of new tables and stands. Between the plethora of hot drinks being served and the holiday cocktails, coasters are bound to be a good idea, especially if they’re aesthetically pleasing and compliment the room nicely.
Space-Saving Coat Rack
Because it’s winter, there might be need of space to hang winter hats and jackets in order to make them easily accessible. A coat rack is a good idea for easy access of jackets, but a space-saving coat rack is even better for both easy access and easy storage. Having a coat at arm’s reach from the front door is ideal when heading out, but having a place where coats are out-of-sight and out-of-mind is ideal when heading back in.

Above all this holiday season, it’s the thought that counts. Consider the wants and needs of a new home owner, and try to avoid getting them anything that is going to be inconvenient or require care. The process of moving into a new home is stressful as it is, but an excellent, smart housewarming gift has the potential to take the stress level down a peg.

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