“Desperate Seller” Red Flags to Watch Out For

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You’ve been looking through listings and while you understand that some sellers are excited to sell their homes, you’ve come across a few that seem a little too excited to unload a property. That’s good, right? Not necessarily. A desperate seller can be more agreeable but pay close attention to the condition of the home to be certain that the seller doesn’t have anything regarding the house hidden up his sleeve.

If a seller desperately wants to get rid of a home for personal reasons, this might be a benefit to you. There may well be nothing wrong with the house, and the seller is willing to let it go for less than market value. This is great, but it isn’t always the case when it comes to rush selling. Pay very close attention to the condition of the home and property when you’re dealing with a desperate seller.

The seller might be looking to sell their home simply because they need extra space, or they’ve been offered a job promotion in another city. However, they might be desperate to sell because the home is damaged in some way and the seller would rather avoid sinking any more repairs into the property.

Although an inspection should help reveal any issues with the house, you should conduct some of your own research, just in case there’s a glaring problem with the home. This way, if you notice a problem, you can address it right away, or decide it isn’t worth the trouble and move on. Being surprised with issues is no fun for anyone, so it might be a great idea to keep yourself informed every step of the way.

Keep an eye out for water or foundation problems when you’re looking through the home of a desperate seller. Look for cracks in the walls, or leak stains around the ceiling or floor. If the home is empty, save for a giant painting hung in an odd place on the wall, look behind it. It might be covering a damaged spot.

Having a Realtor® that you can trust is an important part of deciding whether a home is right for you. A good agent will have your best interest in mind and will have a sharp eye to detect possible problems if the deal on the house seems too good to be true. They can help shed light on anything that you’re suspicious about.

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