Do’s & Don’ts of Bathroom Remodeling in Your Silicon Valley Home

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Bathrooms are one of the most remodeled rooms in a house, and with tax refunds coming right around the bend, you might be thinking about updating yours. Though bathroom remodels are common, they also come with their share of problems. Here’s some do’s and don’ts of bathroom remodeling to help make the project a success.

DON’T Start Blind

It’s an important part of the remodeling process to plan. While it might seem fun to start one project at a time before you look at the next, this is an easy way to run into problems along the way. You might find yourself halfway through adding a new vanity to your bathroom before you realize that the fixtures don’t match the new shower

DO Take Time to Plan

To avoid the headache which comes along with poor planning, take plenty of time to design your project. Shop around for fixtures you want, and narrow down several options for wall and floor colors so you’re sure that everything is going to flow well color-wise. Make sure you measure everything twice before spending a dime or getting to work.

DON’T Go Cheap

Though a bathroom remodel can be accomplished inexpensively, it shouldn’t be done cheaply. Avoid new fixtures which lack quality finish, trim which isn’t well sealed to handle a moist environment, or flooring which is going to warp over time. Though your bathroom is going to look different regardless, you’re not likely to be satisfied with the use of sub-par materials.

DO Embrace the Classics

Because remodeling is not something that’s done at the drop of a hat, try to make sure the style you choose is going to stick for as long as possible. Choose trends which have proven popular over a span of several years running. This way, you won’t want to remodel again as soon as fly-by-night trends change.

DON’T Move the Plumbing

Unless you’re a skilled plumber, moving the toilet, sink, or shower to another part of the bathroom is going to be difficult to execute properly. There’s a good chance mistakes can be made along the way, and it could end up being costly to finish or repair.

DO Hide the Toilet

Rather than trying to move the toilet to another part of the bathroom, consider installing a segment of wall to hide it. A nice piece of wall with frosted glass inserts are going to draw the eye away from the toilet and spare you the hassle of trying to change the plumbing lines. If space is limited, there are other ways to hide the toilet, like lids and bowls designed to make the plumbing appear more sleek and discreet.

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