Fall Décor Ideas to Spruce Up Your Home

 In Home Improvement

The Fall season is nearly here, and many Northern California homeowners are decorating their homes to bring in the fun aspects of Autumn. Because Fall colors tend to be shades of red, yellow, and orange, it can be easy to overdo your seasonal home décor, especially if you’re planning on selling your home in the near future. Here’s several Fall décor ideas which will spruce up your home without being a distraction.

Wreaths made from Autumn leaves are a good move in decorating when placed on your front door or hung on a wall in one of your home’s gathering areas. Autumn wreaths capture the spirit of the season on their own, and there is rarely ever a need to add too much to them being that in this case less is more. They’re a staple item in Fall decorating.

Gourd garlands are another nice touch to add to the exterior of your home, like the front or back porch area. When positioned correctly, a gourd garland is noticeable, but doesn’t draw the eye to it too much, meaning that the homeowner can successfully pull off a minimalist approach to seasonal decorating. This décor item can be fun without being too brightly colored.

Laying out a bowl of scented pine-cones on a side table is another great idea, being that this alone doesn’t add a lot of visual décor to a home, but the scents coming from the pine-cone bowl are going to remind visitors that Autumn is here especially with the smell of pumpkin spice. Scented candles achieve the same goal for homeowners who want minimal décor to make a big impact.

Lastly, if you’re the sort of homeowner who frequently has bouquets of fresh flowers in vases throughout your home, consider buying seasonally-themed bouquets that feature orange, yellow, or red flora. These colors are especially nice because it takes longer for wilting or browning to show once your bouquet is starting to age.

It’s relatively easy to decorate your home for the Autumn season without going overboard. This shows visitors you’re fun and creative, and gives you a chance to gently incorporate a pop of color into your home before the holiday décor starts showing up on store shelves

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