Five Home Improvements to Bring in the New Year

 In Home Improvement

The new year isn’t only a time to start something new for you, it’s a great time to spruce up the homestead. Not only does improving aspects of your home set you on the right track for reaching your own personal goals, it’s a practical way to start your year with your home’s “health” in mind. Each of these repairs and improvements encourage safety, efficiency, or both.

Faucet Flow
When minerals build up in your pipes and around the faucets of your sinks and showers, it could create problems with your water pressure. Hard water can also leave tough-to-remove film on dishes, as well as wearing out or even ruining laundry. Treating your faucets to remove mineral build-up can help remedy the problem, but it’s also a good idea to invest in a water-softening device if hard water has become a problem in your home.

Gutter Control

Winter weather can cause a good deal of build up in gutters. Take the time to clear leaves and debris out of your gutters to avoid the issues which neglected gutters can lead to. A blocked or full gutter has the potential to cause water to overflow onto your home or into the foundation. This could lead to water damage, a costly problem to fix. At the start of the year, make sure your gutters are free of debris so that spring rain has somewhere to go, away from your home.

Check for Gases
It’s always best to have safety in mind, and that includes being aware of threats which we can’t see. Both radon and carbon monoxide are colorless, odorless gases which can be (and usually are) deadly to humans in elevated levels. Radon is a radioactive gas responsible for over 20,000 lung cancer-related deaths each year. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that displaces oxygen in the brain. Both are extremely dangerous, but fortunately, detectors for both gases are relatively cheap. Start your year by putting your mind at ease and being certain that your home is safe from invisible dangers.

Examine Your Storage
After the holidays, we tend to accumulate more “stuff” than we had in the previous season. In the process of putting things away, our storage systems could get a bit unstable. Household accidents happen every year, and some of them are due to people getting hurt by improperly stored items falling on them. When you’re going through your new items and finding a place to store your old ones, check your storage area to ensure boxes are secured neatly and stacked in ways which save space and reduce the risk of falls.

Inspect Your Foundation

Check your home’s foundation at the start of the year for any cracks, leaks, or uneven pieces which may have developed in the past few months. Foundation damage is easiest to repair when it is caught early, but even then, it’s not usually a walk in the park. The longer a problem goes unchecked, the worse it becomes. When foundation damage increases in severity, it can be detrimental to the safety of the entire home. If you’re unsure of what to look for, professional services to check foundation issues are available in most cities.

There are plenty of things you can do to make sure your home is at its best and your family is at their safest. These are only a few to get your year started on the right foot, and give you the motivation you’re looking for to start reaching your own New Year’s goals.

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