Guest Space, Even Without a Guest Room

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You have guests coming over for an extended stay in your home. While you’re excited to have company over, you might not have the dedicated space for a guest room. Maybe you’re using every room in your house for other purposes, or you have guests over so rarely that you really don’t want a guest room. Here are a few tips to give your guests some dedicated space that don’t require an entire room.


Murphy Beds

A Murphy Bed is one of the easiest items used for guest space, and in recent years they have become more attractive and convenient to store. Murphy beds are simple to prepare, come in an array of sizes, and often come with storage drawers for guest luggage. Once all of your visitors have gone, the murphy bed folds away into a neat wardrobe or entertainment center.


Pull-out couches have a reputation of being unsightly and uncomfortable, but as with many things, modern style and comfort has evolved these pieces of furniture on a positive note. Pull-outs can be used like a regular couch any other time of the year, and they become sleeping quarters for guests should the need arise. They fit virtually anywhere in your home, from the living room to a reading nook.


Trundle Beds/Day Beds
Depending on the relation and closeness of your guests, bunking up with trundles or day beds might be appropriate. For grandparents, cousins, and other close relations, sharing a space in the residents’ bedrooms can be a fun experience. It encourages bonding and conversation during the visit. Once everyone has departed, trundles roll neatly under the useable bed and save plenty of space in the room.

Room Partitions

If your guest space happens to be in one side or corner of the room, a nice room partition should offer them some privacy. The partitions don’t have to be in use while the room is being used by the household, but can be brought out as your guests relax for the evening. Curtains or folding partitions work pretty equally and can be removed once the guests leave.

It’s also helpful to have an array of totes and baskets nearby for your guest to place their clothing and toiletries during their stay, so that they don’t have to continually drag suitcases out.

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