Home Projects You Should Never DIY

 In Home Improvement

As spring is here, you might find yourself in a “do something” mood which inspires you to make little repairs throughout your home. While this is an excellent idea that can contribute to your home’s value, there are several projects that you should avoid doing yourself.

Removing Walls

Your home was designed in a very specific way, by professional builders so it’s safer to assume that all of the walls in the house are necessary, rather than assuming there are a couple which are not. It’s not a good idea to take an educated guess on wall removal. Unless you’re certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that the wall you’re wanting to remove isn’t crucial to your home’s structure, it’s best to consult a professional. Destruction or alteration of a load-bearing wall can lead to disastrous consequences.

Correcting Plumbing Problems

If you’ve got a leaky pipe or issues with low water pressure, there are a couple things that are relatively safe to do yourself, but when it comes to more involved plumbing work, it’s best to hire a professional plumber to fix the problem for you. Conducting plumbing DIY projects can lead to more problems if you’re not totally sure of what you’re doing. You might think that you’re fixing a leaky pipe, but you may really be causing further damage to your home’s plumbing by attempting a fix incorrectly.

Anything Electrical

Most of these projects shouldn’t be done as a DIY due to the fact that they can damage your home, but anything involving electrical work should also be avoided for your safety. Electricity can be extremely dangerous if you’re not a licensed electrician. Attempting to perform electrical work without the needed experience could lead to fire risks, future electrical problems, or even electrocution. Never attempt to perform electrical work in your home if you’re not a professional electrician. The risks more than outweigh the possible savings associated with hiring a professional to perform the task.

Roofing Work

Roofing is another project that shouldn’t be done as a DIY for safety reasons primarily. Of course, it’s possible that attempting to repair your roof when you don’t know how will lead to further roof damage, but there is also the possibility of falls. Falling from a roof while attempting to make repairs is among the top household injuries reported to date. Though falls from the roof are not always fatal, serious injury can occur, even if you’re being as safe as possible. Leave roofing to the professionals.

Extremely Heavy Work

If you’re thinking about conducting a project that requires extremely heavy lifting, you should probably reconsider. If you don’t possess the proper equipment to aid in the lift, you run the risk of either injuring yourself, or breaking household items in the process. If your project requires lifting, carrying, or lowering something which cannot be hoisted up by two adults, consider hiring a professional. Licensed workers will have tools to help ensure the lift runs smoothly and does not end in injury or other damages.

Saving money is always ideal, but when it comes to DIY projects that might be dangerous, it’s best to invest in professional help. While you’re spending a little extra money to have the job done, you can have the peace of mind knowing that the project is finished, and you won’t have any lasting issues.

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