How to Cope with Living in a Noisy Area

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Living in Northern California comes with many benefits, as well as a couple of issues which homeowners have to deal with. Because the area is always bustling with activity, you might find your neighborhood, despite being beautiful, can be a bit noisy. If you’ve just moved into a new home and you’re finding the city noise level is higher than what you’re accustomed to, there are several things you can do in your home to help quiet some of the noise outside.

First, having new and properly sealed windows in your home is one step that’s completely necessary for ensuring a quiet home. If you live in a newly built home, you’re off to a good start because your windows and doors will be properly sealed and fitted to their openings. California homes have strict building codes and luckily for you, this means your home is already well insulated to where the noise level outside is already going to be dampened quite a bit.

Speaking of windows, if your sense of style allows it, heavy curtains will not only block out a lot of light when drawn, they will also muffle a lot of sound, coming from both inside and outside your home. Keep in mind, heavy curtains have evolved since their beginning, and no longer have to be clunky, unattractive strips of cloth hung over your windows. A lot of these curtains are pleasant to look at and come in a variety of colors and patterns.

Employ the use of white noise to drown out any remaining din you hear from beyond your walls. If you’re a music lover, try turning a playlist on at a volume just loud enough to block out external noise, but quiet enough to where your neighbors don’t hear it. Fans and air conditioning units are also great providers of white noise so feel free to use these utilities for more than one purpose.

Remember, it takes time to grow accustomed to a new environment, especially the sounds of a new neighborhood. Give yourself time to get comfortable in your new home, and eventually, your brain will train itself to disregard external noise to where you barely notice it anymore.

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