How to Hide Kid Clutter When Staging Your Home

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If you’re trying to sell your home, you’re probably aware there are challenges to be faced when you’ve got to constantly be ready for people to drop by with little warning. This is especially true if you have small children in your home, because they commonly leave their toys, games and things about in every room. Here are a few tips to help keep kids’ clutter under control while selling your home.

It’s a good idea during your home-selling process to have your staging furniture serve more than one purpose. For example, an ottoman not only looks very classy when paired with an easy chair, but many ottomans are built with secret storage containers. If you have to quickly clean up a room, stick your child’s leftover items into the ottoman and no one will be any the wiser that only a moment ago, the room was a mess.

If the clutter is in a bedroom, consider using bed-skirts during the time that you’re selling your home. This way you won’t need a lot of time to clean up if someone’s coming over to look at your home. You can slide most messes underneath, and the bed-skirt will hide everything. It’s extremely unlikely that potential buyers are going to take a look under your family’s beds, so this quick fix makes preparing for a viewing rather easy.

If you have the luxury of a basement, attic, shed, or garage, consider storing the majority of your child’s toys (especially the bigger ones) in storage bins and place them in one of these out of sight places. There’s always the option of switching out containers on a weekly basis. This will help ensure your child doesn’t become bored when they’ve only got access to certain toys in their collection. Not only will fewer kid items around make cleaning up a breeze, having your child’s toys already packed away will help the moving process run that much smoother.

Speaking of packing, another way to cut down on your child’s clutter is to jump straight to the sorting process which one typically waits for until they’re moving. Go through your child’s possessions and create a “keep,” “discard,” and “donate” box so that you can lessen the number of items you have to worry about in the long-run.

It might seem like an extremely difficult venture when you’re already going through the stress of selling your home, but there are ways around staging when you have children. Do the best you can, and most of the time, potential buyers are not going to judge too harshly over a scattered toy here and there.

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