How to Make Use of Small Spaces

 In Home Improvement

Even if you’ve got large rooms and open spaces in your house, you might have certain places which you find are too small for a standard room, yet you don’t want to leave the area empty. There are several ways to make use of a small space without crowding or cluttering the area. You just have to get creative with the way you decorate.

Light Colors

If you’ve got a small room or space between two rooms, make the area look bigger by using lighter colors. Light colors tend to open a space, while darker colors make everything look smaller. Use light paint and flooring, as well as light-colored furniture to trick the eye into thinking that the space is larger than it is.

Smart Storage
In a room where space is limited, you don’t want a bunch of bulky storage bins taking up the floor. It’s a good idea to store items needed for that room in an out-of-the-way container. For example, if you have a sofa, consider using flat storage underneath. If you want an ottoman in the space, use one which has a removable cushion with storage inside. Shelves should be tall and thin rather than short and bulky.

Smaller Furniture/Fixtures

You may want to design a sitting area in a small space, but if you don’t want to make it a crowded space, invest in smaller, sleeker furniture. Use sleek, streamlined sofas and chairs versus heavy couches and recliners. You want the room to appear open and airy so it’s a comfortable place to sit. If the space in question is a small bathroom, don’t waste space by installing a gigantic vanity. A smaller sink will work just as well and save space for other pieces.

Room Dividers

Making the most out of a small space could involve initiating two different purposes. If you want a small dining area in a kitchen without a lot of room, consider using a room divider to make for less of a claustrophobic mess. If you have the space, use it, but be sure to separate the purposes of your mini-rooms with a divider which takes up only a small amount of space. A glass partition is a good idea because, while it separates two areas, it’s transparent and still makes use of light.

Create Your Own

If you can’t find furniture which fits the size of your space, you can always create your own, or have a talented carpenter build you a pieces to fit in your mini-room. Custom pieces of furniture are an excellent conversation piece.

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