How to Make Your Next Northern CA Move a Breeze

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New homes are a positive part of a somewhat difficult process: moving. There’s nothing quite as stressful as boxing up everything you own and carting it from one place to another. However, there are several ways to make the moving process work for you.

Plan Early

If you’re going to move within the next couple of months, it’s a great idea to start planning the transition early. When you plan for a move ahead of schedule, you’re able to face all of the challenges which might come from moving to a new house, rather than scrambling every item in your house into a disorganized box at the last minute. Develop a system for moving which is going to save you both time and a great deal of effort.

The “Maybe” Pile

When you’re preparing to move, and you’re going through everything in your home, it’s best to sort items into various categories:

  • The Keep pile- for items you are definitely going to need
  • The Discard pile- for items that can be thrown in the trash
  • The Maybe pile- for items you think you’re going to need, but might not use within the first few weeks of the move
  • The Donation pile- for items that you no longer want for yourself, but can easily donate to a shelter or thrift store so that others might enjoy the items
  • The Storage pile- specifically for items that you will never part with due to sentimental value, but will not be actively used (photo albums, family heirlooms, etc.)

When it comes to the “maybe” pile, you have several options which you can choose from to determine how you’re going to handle placing these items. For example, “maybe” items can go into storage for several weeks, and if you find that you don’t miss them, donate them so that your new home is free of clutter. For clothing, as you go through your maybe pile, ask yourself when was the last time you wore an item, if it’s been a year or more, it’s a good time to let it go.

Sort Through Files

When moving, many people find that they have entirely too much paper in their homes. If you’ve got old newspapers or magazines, consider recycling them, rather than packing them to journey to the new house. Sort through your filing cabinet and old mail as well, just in case you’ve accumulated more paper than what’s valuable to you. Remember, if you’re discarding old files, be sure to properly shred them before binning them to help protect your identity.

Research Moving Companies

If you’re going to hire a moving company, do your research, because one company is not necessarily equal to another. Go online and look at the reviews of several companies to find one which has quite a few positive postings. Get some price quotes and be sure to bring up any questions that you have with the person handling your call. Determine whether there are extra fees that apply to your situation, and don’t be afraid to shop around for the best deal. Don’t feel obligated to choose the first company you call.

Pack Efficiently

Plastic containers are a better packing material than cardboard, and cardboard is a better packing material than grocery bags. Determine what sort of packing material you need for different items in your home. If you’re packing heavy items like books, invest in something sturdy so the bottom of your box doesn’t collapse. Cardboard is okay for items that you’re going to unpack right away, but if you’re planning on storing some things, lidded containers are an excellent choice.

Moving is not generally labeled as an easy process, but with proper planning and packing, your move isn’t going to be any harder than it has to be. Start the process off smoothly and you’re likely to start off your journey on the right foot in your new home.

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