How to Save Money While Keeping a Lovely Yard

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Spring is here, and that means that it’s time to bring the yard back to life after a chilly winter. While you may be thinking about all the new greenery you’d like to add to your yard, you might also be dreading your water bill and considering the drought. Fear not, because there are ways that you can have the best of both worlds, a lovely yard and money saved on your utility bills. Consider these water-saving tips for your yard this warm season.

Lawn Hybrids

Have you ever considered having a lawn-hybrid? You can keep lovely, rich grass in your yard, and supplement it with rock gardens, mulch patterns, and shrubs. This way, you’ll have the lawn, but you’ll be able to save money on watering by getting creative with the materials you use in your yard. Breaking the area up into rock gardens and shrubs throughout your grasses will not only look creative, it will require less watering and less care.

Mulching Lawnmower

If you have any size of lawn, consider investing in a mulching lawnmower. This way, when you mow your grass, the mower will finely chop your trimmings and deposit them back into your lawn. This will give your grass nutrients to use, as well as keep the grass moist on hot days. Because the grass has trace amounts of water in it, your living lawn can reabsorb what you won’t be using.

Watering Schedule

Water your lawn on a schedule so that your grass is receiving water during the coolest part of the day. Watering during the peak of a hot day can cause damage to your grass and waste water at the same time. Try taking care of your lawn’s needs during the evening or night, and only water enough so your grass gets the needed 1 to 1 ½ inches of water per week. There are watering devices and apps that you can use to help schedule smart watering, like the Rachio smart sprinkler system.

Drought-Resistant Plants

There are plenty of plants on the market that thrive in dry areas. Consider adding some drought-resistant plant life to your yard, so that you can keep it green and beautiful without investing in too much water usage. Russian Sage doesn’t require a lot of water, does well in direct sunlight, and adds a pop of color to your landscape. Succulents, cacti, and different types of Yucca do well in dry, hot areas as well. Succulents are especially unique in their look as well, and will make a nice addition to your Northern California yard.

There are plenty of clever ways to enjoy a beautiful yard while being water conscious. For more tips on maintaining your yard while you save, U.S. News has a great article to check out here.

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