Kitchen Appliances to Ease the Holidays

 In Home Improvement

The holidays are often a time to have family and friends visit your home, and during these visits, food and drinks are usually involved. Eating and drinking brings people together almost as much as visiting itself. Here are several small kitchen appliances which will not only make holiday food preparation easier on you, the host, but will also wow your guests.

Single-Serving Coffee Maker
Warm drinks like teas, ciders, and coffees are popular during this time of year, and while a coffee pot with an eight-cup capacity might be ideal, consider using a single-serving coffee machine during visits. Coffee pods are a good way to ensure each of your guests have the opportunity to drink the flavor and roast they desire, with no additional coffee wasted. Holiday coffee pods also include tea, cider, and hot chocolate for convenience.
Wine Chiller 

Sometimes during the holidays, visitors might want to partake in more adult-oriented drinks. If your visitors have brought a bottle of wine for the household to share, wine chilling devices are designed specifically for keeping wine at the most desirable temperature. Some devices have a single cooling zone designed for holding only one kind of wine, while others have dual zones designed for storing multiple types of red or white wines.

Food Mixer
If you’re planning to engage in a good deal of holiday baking, mixing material can get incredibly taxing to do by hand. Consider investing in an electric food mixer for baking items, or a food processor for sauces, salsas, and hummus. Both of these appliances are ideal for when you’ve got guests who are going to be doing a lot of snacking in your home. Dips and sauces are relatively easy to make when you’ve got a food processor.

For families and guests who prefer drinking frappes or smoothies, a blender is another decent addition to your kitchen. This is especially useful in areas which do not get cold during the holidays, where people enjoy cold beverages throughout the year.

Toaster Oven
If you’re going to be preparing smaller cooked items, using a toaster oven might be easier than turning on the full-sized oven. A toaster oven tends to cook food items quicker than a full-sized oven, and they use less power to toast food items to their ideal temperature and texture.

By adding several small appliances to your kitchen, it’s likely that you’ll cut through your time spent preparing food and drinks, as well as increasing the convenience and spare time you’ve earned to spend with loved ones this holiday season.

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