Preparing to Show at the Drop of a Hat

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If you’re trying to sell your home and you currently live there, you might find that you’re facing some difficulties when it comes to showing the space on short notice. While you want to get your home sold, it’s not easy to have it ready to be shown at the drop of a hat when daily living is still going on. Here’s a few tips for having your home ready to show quickly.


Cluttered spaces are one of the quickest ways to turn a potential buyer away from your home. If you’re looking to sell, keep your home as free from clutter as you can. Not only is a neater space more inviting, but viewers can gather more of an idea to the bare-bones look of the home when they don’t have to concentrate past all of the items which are taking up space. Neat areas also make a place look bigger and lighter.
Tidy-Up Routine

So that you don’t have to scramble to clean your house from top to bottom every single time a showing is going to take place, you should develop a routine of cleaning up after messes as they are made. This way, you’ll save yourself time and effort, only needing to pick up little things here and there. When the dishes are done, laundry is put away, and trash is taken out routinely, there’s not a worry about having too large of a chore.

Protect Your Information

While it’s great to think that people are generally good, it’s important to remember that people do have flaws. Don’t leave paperwork with your personal information displayed out in the open. Secure prescription medications and anything of value to you. You do not have to suspect that every visitor to your home is a criminal, and you probably do not have to worry, but it is far better to play it safe as much as possible.

Make It Neat, But Lived-In

There’s an art to making a home look like it is clean but inhabited by people. While it’s best to do all you can to keep your house tidy, you also want to inspire the potential buyer to have ideas about how to use each space. You want them to imagine themselves in your home, so try to set the stage, so to speak. Lay a magazine or two out on the coffee table or throw a blanket over the back of the couch. Make the place look cozy.

Make It a Family Effort

There may be times where showing your home is not going to be ideal for you. There are times that it might be impossible without some help. If you’re busy and you have another engagement that you have to tend to, consider making the showing process something which the whole family can take part in. If you’re not home, but you have teenagers who can help out, consider allowing them to take some of the showings for you. Develop a plan to cover who is can help prep your property on which days of the week, a calendar to use for this idea will come in handy.

Preparing a lived-in home to be shown on short notice is a challenge, but if you’re careful about your schedule and your pick-up routine, showing you home well-prepared can be done.

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