Preparing Your Home for Winter

 In Home Improvement

Fall has officially arrived and with it comes a short period of ease, where we can save money on our energy bills and enjoy the moderate weather. While taking a break, though, it would be wise to consider preparing your home for the upcoming winter months. Though living in California comes with less likelihood of harsh winters, winter preparation can save money on heating bills and reinforce general home safety.

Check the Roof

A leaky, damaged roof can lead to water damage; experts recommended roofs should be inspected at least twice a year. Check for any shingles which are damaged or missing. If you can’t get to the roof yourself, or notice something that doesn’t look right, call a professional to make sure everything is in working order.

Inspect Heating System
Our winters might not get incredibly cold, but they get chilly enough, to where it’s uncomfortable being home if the heating goes out. Check your furnace now to ensure it’s in working order, and if you aren’t convinced, have a professional come and inspect it. The cost is usually affordable and it will save you a headache later, should the system fails when it’s actually cold.

Seal Windows and Doors

Even in new homes, a draft can sometimes develop. Check your windows and doors to be sure no warm air is escaping outside, or cold air is coming in. Doors and windows with improper sealing waste energy and money by not allowing the house to stay properly insulated. It will cost more and take longer to keep the house warm if there is an air leak. Caulk or reseal any leaks you find.

How about the gutters?
Some homes don’t have rain gutters, others do. If your home happens to have gutters, make sure they are cleaned out after the leaves fall. Clogged gutters can make a lot of trouble for a home, causing water damage and bringing about the need for repairs. It’s better to play it safe in the fall.

These are only a few ways to help ensure your home is ready for the winter months. It’s good to be a proactive homeowner rather than waiting for something to go wrong before addressing it.

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