Protect Your Home During an Open House

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If you’re planning on selling your home, you and your agent might be considering or already planning to host an open house. Open houses are a great way to showcase what your property has to offer, allowing several people to visit your space personally. Open houses are worlds apart from browsing online, or a standard home tour, but there are a few things you should consider when it comes to protecting your home.

First, try not to let your worries take precedence over your excitement to sell. There’s a good chance your open house is going to be a success, but there’s nothing wrong with being proactive. If you’re concerned about your potential buyers getting a bit too familiar with your home, to the point where they leave with something belonging to you, take action. Before your open house, be sure to put all of your valuable possessions in a safe place. It’s also a great idea to clean out your medicine cabinet and place prescription drugs where they won’t be viewed.

Even if you attend your own open house, you can’t possibly have eyes everywhere at once, so it may be beneficial to invest in a home security system. If you have security cameras in plain sight, potential thieves are usually deterred by the possibility of being caught on camera while engaging in unscrupulous behavior. Give yourself the peace of mind you need to make your home-selling experience as stress-free as possible.

Many agents advise against homeowners attending their own open house. If you’re adamant towards attending, talk with your agent about your concerns. Your Realtor® is there to help make the experience as comfortable as possible, so don’t worry about voicing your expectations. By reviewing the open house process with your Realtor®, you’ll better understand the pros and cons of attending as the seller, and make the best, most-informed decision for yourself. If you’re feeling unsure about what you should be concerned about, involve your agent. Ask them to walk through your home with you, so you have a professional’s perspective on the matter.

There are several ways to set your mind at ease when you’re opening your home to strangers. For more information on safety concerns when it comes to hosting an open house, check out this article at RealtyTimes. There are helpful sections involving children and insurance coverage as well.

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