Quick & Tidy Cleaning Tips for Your Northern CA Home

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We all want our homes to be as clean as possible, but there are times when our lives become too busy to clean from top to bottom every day. Some of us aren’t interested in hiring a maid, or our finances will not allow the expense. If you want a quick and tidy approach, here are several ways to clean your Northern California home with minimal effort.

Quick Cleans Every Day

Rather than waiting until you’ve got a disaster on your hands, take time to perform quick-cleans every day. This can easily be done by scheduling a time where everyone is at home and set everyone to work tidying the place up for 10-15 minutes. It’s harder for a house to become cluttered and dirty when you have micro-tasks. If you clean your home for only a few minutes a day, it practically eliminates the need for hard labor.

Public Spaces

If your home tends to get cluttered and messy, determine a few spaces where you can’t allow this to happen. If there are “public” areas where you can’t randomly set things down, you’ll have neater rooms. For example, if your living room is a public area, refrain from bringing shoes, mail, or any other clutter into the space. Save it for some other room in your house which guests don’t typically see, such as an office or bedroom.

Inner and Outer Welcome Mats

In warm environments, it’s easy to track dirt into homes, so in order to save yourself the hassle of having to sweep and mop every day, consider using an indoor and an outdoor welcome mat. The outdoor mat can be used to wipe away some of the heavier dirt on a guest’s shoes, while the inner mat is a good place to stand while your guests are removing their shoes completely. This practically eliminates the dirt problem. Add in a shoe rack or bin next to the door, to make this an easy habit to get into for family members and guests alike.

Put Away What’s Seldom Used

While it’s convenient to leave your slow cooker out on the counter-top, rather than hefting it in and out of the cupboard, putting it away is going to help you keep your home looking cleaner. If you have items in your home which are taking up space even though they’re hardly used, find a way to store them, and you’ll have less clutter.

Focus on Bathrooms

Bathrooms are often the dirtiest places in a home, and for good reason. We might have cat litter boxes stored in the bathroom, and the whole area gains a scent of its own. We might leave cosmetics and other toiletries out on our counters while we’re getting ready for the day. Invest in some organization sorters made especially for bathroom storage. These are so handy they make it easy to put your things away so guests using your bathroom aren’t put out by the clutter. Also, invest in tools to keep odors to a minimum. A clean-smelling bathroom encourages a clean-smelling home.

It isn’t easy to clean your home from top to bottom, but there are smart ways to ensure that your home appears to be in top condition. A clean house is especially nice (and important) if you’re planning on selling.

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