Small Ways to Update Your Kitchen Without Renovating

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Kitchen trends are one of the fastest changes happening in all of home décor, and it can often become tedious to keep up with the emerging new developments in what makes an ideal space. Not only is there not enough time in the day to constantly change the kitchen around, it can get quite expensive to constantly update every year. Here are a few different ways to update your kitchen without resorting to renovation.

Changing the backsplash atop your kitchen counters is one of the easiest ways to give the whole area a new look. As backsplashes often show the age of a room, and with them being constantly on an in/out loop, switching the tiles out for something more interesting will definitely transform your kitchen on a small scale. Added with other small updates, your kitchen will look like a new room.

Switching faucets and cabinet knobs to something that matches is another great change. These little items are constantly adapting to developing styles, and they’re easy as pie to replace. As of this month, bronze, brass, and steel are acceptable metal colors to use. If possible, try to get the style of your faucets and knobs to match as closely as you can. You don’t want a modern sink paired with old-fashioned knobs.

Sanding and painting your cabinets a different color is an option you can take, but this move isn’t for everyone. If you’d like to save time, you could always try painting a decoration or attaching a wooden accent to the surface for a subtle difference, if you prefer the colors you already have.

Some homeowners are moving toward a more country or shabby chic look by adding open shelves to their kitchen walls. This adds storage areas to the room but frees up the space by not adding more cabinets. Removing some of the overhead storage areas and replacing them with open shelves is another move that you might consider.

With a little creativity, there is a lot that you can do to change the face of your kitchen without having to demolish everything and start over. For more ideas on how to change your kitchen style at the drop of a hat, Country Living has an interesting article to check out.

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