The Pros and Cons of Having a Northern CA Guest House

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If you’ve ever had a handful of guests spend several days in your home, then you’ve probably thought about guest houses and what it takes to have one built on your Northern California property. Even if you have a lot of space and have dedicated guest rooms for family visits, you might still feel a guest house would be a benefit to you. Here are several pros and cons of having a guest house on your property.

PRO: The Additional Sense of Welcome

Having a guest house can create a private space for your guests, so when they’re not spending time in your home, they have time and room to themselves. Everybody needs a break, even when you’re visiting your family and friends, and your guests have similar needs. Having a space which is separate from yours creates an additional sense of welcome; anyone staying with you will feel the space was made especially for them.

CON: The Cost

While guest houses are an excellent idea, finances might get in the way for some homeowners. Building a guest house on your property can be expensive, not to mention the cost of maintaining the space. Keep in mind you’ll need to furnish the area, run water and electricity to it, and cover any repairs or upgrades. Consider your budget carefully before you embark on this project.

PRO: Guest Houses are Versatile

Let’s say you build a guest house on your property and eventually you reach a point where you aren’t expecting to have many guests around anymore. There’s still plenty you can do with the space. You can rent it out to a tenant if you’d like to bring in more income or provide staff who work in your home a space to stay. Guest houses are great investments, as they can be utilized in many different ways.

CON: The Planning

Building a guest house is not a home project which can be completed over the weekend. It takes careful planning, budgeting, and legal adherence. You’ve got to be sure you’re following building codes and city laws, as well as being certain of what you want done and where exactly on your property you’d like the house built. There’s a good deal of paperwork and time involved with guest house construction so it’s best to be sure you can handle it before you begin the project.

Guest houses have their share of pros and cons. If you’d like more information which weighs the pros and cons of building a guest house on your Northern California property, this article at Do It Yourself covers several points.

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