Tips for Moving with Kids

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Moving with children is not a new concept, and much of the time, kids are not as on-board with the move as their parents. Whether they’re reluctant due to uncertainty, or they’re worried about missing their friends, there are ways to introduce a move which will help make children feel a little warmer about the idea of starting again in a new place. Here are several tips to make a move with children involved, a little easier.

Keep Communication Open
Part of what creates reluctance in a move is the uncertainty surrounding a new home. Keeping an open line of communication with your children can help them feel informed about the experience. Allow them to ask questions, tell them about what you’ve discovered about their new school, mention activities available around the new neighborhood. They won’t get the impression that they’re walking into the move blindly, and this alone is likely to convince them that moving is not a bad thing.

Let the Kids Have Input

While this doesn’t mean that children should be given 100% control over choosing the new home, letting them share their opinions will help them feel involved. If you’re considering several different houses, let your kids see the options and offer their thoughts. Like you, they’re going to be living in the home, and they may very well point out some aspect of potential homes which will help form a logical decision regarding which one to choose.

Reduce the Load

One of the elements of moving which everyone hates is packing. If packing leaves you feeling stressed and exhausted, your kids are likely to feel the same way. Getting rid of some of the things that you don’t need will reduce the number of things which need packing. A garage sale or mass charity donation is a quick way to get rid of unnecessary clutter, and the less clutter, the quicker the move.

Let Kids Decorate Their New Rooms
Just like adults, kids like having choices and they like having their own space. Putting these things together, and letting your children have some say in the decoration of their new bedroom is a great idea. Though painting walls can be a hassle for you, it might be fun for them to test their skills. Having a choice in how their spaces are going to look, will help them to feel a little more at home in the new house.

The moving process is rarely smooth at the best of times, and children being involved in the process can create additional concerns and stress. Taking time and making the effort to help them feel comfortable with the experience can take some of the edge off when approached with some planning.

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