Use Caution When Using a Moving Company

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If any of your social circle have relocated within the past couple of years, you might have heard complaints here and there about the moving process, namely the moving company that an individual paid to transport their possessions. Most of the time, we brush off these comments as petty complaints, or we disregard such experiences as exaggerated stories. Despite this, it might be wise to listen next time; a bit of caution could help you stay informed well enough to avoid issues when you move.

Do your research, as no two moving companies are the same. Pay close attention to the reviews for the businesses you’re considering. It’s not enough to check the reviews on the company’s website, as those can be biased to show only positive reviews. Look up different moving companies on 3rd party websites, like Yelp, to determine which companies have mostly good reviews and weed out those with even close to as many negative reviews. What better way to determine the depth of a company’s customer service than to read what past customers have to say?

Look beyond the cheapest rates when choosing a moving company. There are many, less-than-reputable moving companies that will intentionally quote the potential client a low estimate in order to make the sale. Once the work begins, these companies will take much longer than the quoted time and cost far more than the quoted price.

When this occurs, it’s unethical and it’s a roundabout way to extort money from people, but it happens and there is very little the homeowners can do about the situation for fear of losing their possessions to said company. This article on details the experience one unfortunate family had with just such a moving company, and how you can learn from their mistake.

Moving is a stressful experience on its own, without the added worry of being swindled and threatened by people who temporarily possess all of your possessions. Take your time when searching for a moving company to handle your relocation. A little extra time spent examining your options can avoid a lot of undeserved misery later.

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