What Buyers Need to Know About Staging

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Everyone knows that staging is an important step for any seller, so their home can look its best when a buyer comes to have a look around. Staging is also important for a buyer, as the way that a home is arranged, can help shed light on the property’s condition. It takes an observant eye to pick up on staging tricks, but there are several which should be called into question if you come across them.

For example, if you’re visiting a home and you notice every single light in the place is on, and the windows are open, your first thought might be that the house has excellent lighting. However, many sellers will use a lot of light and soft colors to make a small room look bigger than it is. It’s a clever idea, but make sure that you don’t allow yourself to have your eyes tricked. Look at the size of the room carefully.

There are staging techniques which encourage homeowners to make a room look like it came out of a catalog, and while this usually looks nice, it can be a distraction for a potential problem. If furniture is staged in a way which doesn’t make reasonable sense, but still looks great, you might want to check the walls of the room for cracks or wear that a gorgeous set-up is trying to sway your eyes from noticing.

Rugs are a big deal when it comes to home staging. While they look nice and really tie a room together, try to think about why they’re arranged the way that they are. If you see an area rug which is laid down somewhat awkwardly, it might be a good idea to look under it. Sometimes sellers will try to cover a damaged floor with a nice rug, and the same can be said for artwork hung on the walls. If you notice there’s a painting hanging right in the middle of the wall when all other wall hangings are up much higher, the piece might be covering a hole.

Nice decorations on kitchen surfaces create a welcome, airy presence in the room. They’re nice pieces to add so the kitchen feels like it’s inviting buyers in. While most of the time these countertop decorations are harmless, if they’re placed oddly, there is a good chance that the pieces are placed to cover cracks, blemishes, burns, stains, or other countertop damage. Look closely.

Most of the time, a seller is not aiming to trick the eyes of potential buyers, and a well-staged home is only set up to bring out the best parts of each room. That being said, it’s always a benefit to observe and be aware of potential distractions. For more on home staging, check out this article.

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