Why You Should Get Your Northern CA Home Inspected

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When it comes to either buying or selling a home, many real estate professionals strongly recommend having a home inspection performed. This can be done to either double-check a place before putting it on the market to avoid future trouble, or to ensure that the home you plan to purchase doesn’t have anything adverse going on which you should know about.

A home inspector is an unbiased third-party professional hired to examine a home thoroughly so that any damages present can be addressed. For example, if the inspector finds there are cracks along the walls of a home, he might deduce that there are issues with the foundation. This discovery could end up saving you a lot of money in the future if you’re the potential buyer, as foundation repair can become quite costly.  If repairs are needed at the time of a sale, this is a key point to have your Realtor® negotiate.

The home inspection gives you an in-depth report on a home’s health, so that if you’re selling, you can have the findings addressed and possibly repaired, and if you’re the buyer, with an inspection contingency, you have the opportunity to back out of the sale if the issues are significant.

Even if the inspector doesn’t find anything too serious, if any problem is found, this can open the floor to negotiations between buyer and seller regarding the asking price of the home. The buyer might still agree to buy the house but will offer a lower price, so the findings can be repaired from their end. Inspections do not necessarily mean a home sale will end, it might simply change the final price.

Inspections are an honest way of laying out exactly what the buyer and seller are agreeing to. With a proper inspection, there’s much less likelihood of running into problems during the closing process. Aside from money, the inspection can save both parties valuable time and help the sale run a lot more smoothly.

For more information about home inspections and what’s entailed versus what’s assumed, Realty Times has an interesting article to check out here.

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