Your Bathroom Might be Turning Off Buyers

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If you have a home listed and have had several buyers attend a viewing without placing an offer on the property, the hinderance to your sale may very well lie in your bathrooms. Frequently, we become so accustomed to our homes we fail to see each room from the eyes of a person viewing it for the first time. Because we spend so little free time in our bathrooms, we ignore glaring details of the space much more easily than with other rooms.

Part of the issue might be your desire to complicate your bathroom space. Buyers are looking for a home they understand, so it’s in your best interest to let a bathroom be a bathroom. Nobody in their right mind is going to be hooked on the idea of having a fridge only steps away from their toilet, as this article on points out. Buyers are also not keen on seeing a makeshift wardrobe close to the shower. Try to avoid doing too much with one space.

There is a safe medium ground between having your bathroom too complicated, and having your bathroom presented with no effort. One of the quickest ways to send a potential buyer on their way is having a dirty bathroom that reminds them too much of the room’s function rather than its design. Cleaning your toilet and taking out the trash before a viewing will definitely help balance the ‘style vs substance’ concerns. Tidy, fresh-smelling bathrooms are the way to go.

If there’s one key feature that will almost always turn a buyer away from your home, it’s carpeted bathrooms. Nobody likes or wants a bathroom with a fully carpeted floor. A rug here and there is acceptable, but if your bathroom has any sort of absorbent flooring that is not removable, it gives people the impression this room will never be fully clean. It’s rare to find this poor choice of design in most modern homes, but if one of those homes is yours, consider removing the carpet so the buyer doesn’t move on to other properties.

Poor lighting and tacky decorations are another, though less impact, feature in bathrooms that cause buyers to consider other options. While it’s certainly possible to remove decorations or change lighting once the home is purchased, buyers want to see their own vision in the home they’re viewing. This is not an easy feat when they’re having to excuse so many distractions. Try to brighten and simplify your space as much as possible.

While it can be a challenge to get ahead of the competition when you’re selling your home, there are several tricks and improvements to help you along the way. Keeping a close eye on how your bathrooms present themselves is a surefire way to leave a good impression.

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